Senate Committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs

The committee held a public hearing on a number of Senate Bills on August 28. Those bills included Senate Bill 83, relating to exempting from taxation unemployment compensation benefits; Senate Bill 121, relating to arbitration and fair-share agreements during collective bargaining negotiations under the Municipal Employment Relations Act; Senate Bill 130, relating to a state minimum wage and granting rule-making authority; Senate Bill 165, relating to authorizing the circuit court to order a person who engages in discrimination in employment to pay compensatory and punitive damages and a surcharge, directing the secretary of workforce development to appoint a committee to study wage disparities between men and women and between minority group members and nonminority group members, and making an appropriation; Senate Bill 194, relating to the licensing and regulation of thermal system insulation and fire-stop product mechanics and contractors; creating a thermal system insulation and fire-stop council; requiring the employment of a state inspector; establishing standards for installing, removing, and maintaining thermal system insulation and fire-stop products; requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.

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