Assembly Committee on Health and Healthcare Reform

After holding and executive session on Assembly Bill 173, relating to membership of the Council on Mental Health, the committee went into a public hearing for a number of bills. Those included Assembly Bill 71, relating to requiring that patients be informed of health care facility use charges and that the charges be identified separately on bills; Assembly Bill 463, relating to mental health professionals who may provide outpatient services for the treatment of nervous and mental conditions and alcoholism and other drug abuse problems or who, under Medical Assistance, may provide psychotherapy and alcohol and other drug abuse services and exempting certain Medical Assistance benefits from physician prescription requirements; Assembly Bill 497, relating to allowing certified advanced practice nurse prescribers to determine an illness or injury and complete forms for the purpose of granting assistance to needy veterans and of medical review related to motor vehicle operator’s licenses, and allowing certified advanced practice nurse prescribers to determine disability for the purpose of issuing certain hunting permits; Assembly Bill 545, relating to the Physical Therapists Affiliated Credentialing Board.

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