Assembly Committee on Natural Resources

The Assembly Committee on Natural Resources held an executive session and a public hearing on March 31, 2010 at the State Capitol to discuss the following items: Assembly Bill 844 relating to groundwater management, water conservation, and granting rule-making authority; Assembly Bill 733 relating to the deadlines, for applying for assistance and closing loans under the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program; Assembly Bill 818 relating to notices concerning construction near or on lakes, streams, or wetlands that are given to applicants for building permits and other construction approvals, requiring the Department of Natural Resources to furnish informational brochures about wetlands laws, requiring the Department of Natural Resources to provide evaluations and statements about whether certain land contains wetlands, and making an appropriation; Assembly Bill 852 relating to general permits for certain wetland restoration activities and providing a penalty; Senate Bill 348 relating to declarations creating marina condominiums and technical corrections to the laws governing marina condominiums.

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