Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Plans

How do I create an account and select a membership level? 
You can create a free account at You have the option to upgrade your free account in your user profile or when accessing a restricted on-demand video.

What are the benefits of becoming a Supreme Court or All Access subscriber?
Both Supreme Court and All Access subscribers will receive the benefits of the Basic level membership, in addition to unlimited access to Supreme Court content, digital downloads and video transcription*. All access subscribers will also have access to our full legislative video archive including Senate and Assembly floor sessions and committee hearings. 

What will I have access to as a Basic level subscriber?
All users of the WisconsinEye website will still be able to watch any live program as well as any on-demand program for up to 24 hours after the program’s completion.  All WisconsinEye enterprise content, such as Rewind: Your Week in Review, Newsmakers and Campaign candidate interviews will always be available for all users. Please see the WisconsinEye schedule page for an up to date list of what we are covering each week. We provide newsletters to inform WisconsinEye viewers of upcoming live content that matters to viewers like you. Sign up for these when you create an account or on our Newsletters page.

Do I still need to create an account? 
Regardless of which subscription level you select, we do require all users wishing to view on-demand content to create an account. A Basic level account is free to create and you do not have to provide any credit card information for this level. You do not need to create an account to watch any of the live streams. 

Will my subscription renew automatically?
Any subscription plan renews automatically. You may cancel your membership at anytime; however, your membership will not expire until the end of the billing cycle for your current subscription. To make any changes to your membership visit the “membership” tab in your user profile.

Can I upgrade my current plan at any time?
You can change your current plan and upgrade at any time to any plan you prefer. The price of the upgraded membership will be prorated on receipt in your membership portal. 

Does WisconsinEye have any guidelines for using these new features?
The enhanced subscriber features are intended to be used for personal use. Any sharing of content must retain WisconsinEye branding watermarks. Video downloads may not be uploaded in their entirety to any social media or web platform.  Please see our terms of use for additional guidelines. Violation of these terms may result in the termination of a user account.

How do I cancel my account?
Once logged in to your account, select the small red triangle in the upper right of the homepage. A drop down will appear that will allow you to select “My Account”. Once in your account settings, select “Membership” from the left menu. In the “Actions” column you can choose to cancel your membership.

*Transcriptions are machine-generated and may not have been proofread or corrected. Transcriptions are reference, search and assistive in nature only and are NOT an official transcript of the video.

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