Senate Floor Session

The Senate held a floor session at the state Capitol on March 5, 2013 on the following: Senate Joint Resolution 12, relating to commending the Samoset Council of the Boy Scouts of America; Assembly Joint Resolution 5, relating to the life and public service of Michael Harried; Assembly Joint Resolution 10, relating to declaring March 2013 American Red Cross Month; Senate Bill 8, relating to alcohol sale, possession, and consumption at Peninsula State Park; Senate Bill 27, relating to the authority and responsibilities of the Legislative Audit Bureau and state auditor, eliminating certain expired audit requirements, and requiring confidentiality during investigations of reports made to the state fraud, waste, and mismanagement hotline; Assembly Bill 2, relating to extending the expenditure period for a tax incremental district in the city of Marinette; Assembly Bill 14, relating to workforce training, granting rule-making authority, and making appropriations; and Assembly Bill 35, relating to the effective date for licensing and registration requirements for electricians and electrical contractors.

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