Wisconsin Government

State Legislature

Homepage – All state Legislature information and links including law and legislation directory, administrative rules directory, session information, notification service and legislator locator.

State Senate – Directory of all state Senators including legislator links, committees, schedules and calendars.

State Assembly – Directory of all state Representatives including legislator links, committees, schedules, calendars and journals.

Study Committees – Also located on the Legislative Council page, includes links to all past and active study committees.

Committee Schedule – Calendar of all legislative committee meetings and hearings.

Service Agencies

Legislative Audit Bureau – Supports the Legislature in its oversight of Wisconsin government and its promotion of efficient and effective state operations by providing audits and evaluations of public finances and the management of public programs. 

Legislative Council – Assists legislators in a number of ways including legal and policy analysis, procedural advice, reporting, training, preparing memos and issuing briefs.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau – Provides fiscal and program information and analyses to the Wisconsin Legislature, its committees, and individual legislators. The Bureau also serves as staff to the Joint Committee on Finance.

Legislative Reference Bureau – Provides legal, research, and information services to the Wisconsin Legislature along with drafting and publishing legislation.

Legislative Technology Services Bureau – Provides technological services and support to the Wisconsin state Legislature and its service agencies.


Governor’s Office – Includes resources to stay informed and connect with the governor’s office.

Administrative Agencies – Directory of all Wisconsin state government agencies.


Wisconsin Elections Commission – Six member, bipartisan commission charged with implementing Wisconsin’s election statutes and supporting Wisconsin’s 1,850 county and municipal clerks.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation – Leads economic development efforts for the state by providing resources, operational support and financial assistance to companies, partners and communities in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Ethics Commission – Promotes and strengthens the faith and confidence of the people of Wisconsin by supporting the operation of open and responsible government.

Judicial System

Wisconsin Supreme Court – Composed of seven justices, it is the state’s highest court.

Court of Appeals – Intermediate appellate court, composed of 16 judges.

Circuit Courts – Trial courts, composed of 257 judges.