History & Mission

It’s the people and communities that define Wisconsin.

Voices and ideas arise from diverse geographic, ethnic, economic, cultural, and political landscapes, gathering with many others in striving for common ground in forums across the state and, ultimately, under the dome of our historic Capitol in Madison. Today, many of our brightest voices and best ideas are limited in their exposure to others. Citizenship-building information accessible to all in our modern society is lacking. Yet we know that public trust requires public participation. Ethical leadership requires access to leaders. Invigorating citizenship requires an invitation to all to become participants. Our future demands that we find new ways, better ways, to connect, engage, talk, debate, share, learn, and grow.

The WisconsinEye Network is an extraordinary means of communicating every aspect of Wisconsin public life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unfettered access to the actions of our state government and to the full range of forums, activities, and participants throughout our state that constitute community and public life in Wisconsin; To provide access to the public policy debate and decision-making process without editing, commentary, or analysis and with a balanced presentation of points of view; To provide elected and appointed officials and others who would influence public policy a direct conduit to the audience without filtering, or otherwise distorting their points of view; To employ production values, and to conduct all aspects of our operations, consistent with these principles.

Who We Are

With our fully digital broadcast production technology, WisconsinEye serves our audience via both television and the Internet. Our state-of-the-art robotic cameras in the Capitol produce gavel-to-gavel, unedited coverage of state proceedings. WisconsinEye’s studio facilities near Capitol Square are equipped for live production, including viewer call-in programs. Our team of professional videographers covers community affairs and public policy discussions across the state. The WisconsinEye website offers both live and archived video streaming of our Capitol coverage as well as other resources for civic education and engagement.

WisconsinEye is the technological gathering place where all can watch, listen, learn, and participate in our democratic society and our future: from home viewers who thirst to stay informed and in touch, to students and teachers in civics classrooms all across the state, to mobile viewers using the Internet to stay connected. The public policy discussions, the civic forums, the community events, the art we produce, the discoveries we make, the jobs we create, all that we contribute toward the common good in our communities and our state, WisconsinEye tells these stories of our public life, with an independent, nonpartisan perspective and without bias.