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WisconsinEye’s Capitol Pool Feeds:

How to use:

WisEye Pool 1 – Senate Feed

WisEye Pool 2 – Assembly Feed

This is a 1080i branded feed used to feed an AJA breakout box. Each box is configured as follows and is located at floor level, just under the WisEye TVs.

  • Input | 1080i HD-SDI
  • Output 1 | Composite breakout to feed the TV in the room
  • Output 2 | 1080i HD-SDI output for media

Content Use Information

General Guidelines:

  • Re-streaming live productions is prohibited.
  • Posting or redistributing any WisEye program in its entirety is prohibited.
  • Credentialed news organizations are authorized to record, reproduce, edit, transmit, publicly display and perform clips (up to five minutes in length) of WisconsinEye content while retaining all copyright, trademark and other ownership notices in the content. For greater detail and guidance, please refer to Point 6 (Spot News Gathering Use) in our Terms of Use.
    • Spot News Gathering is defined as timely, editorial information for public consumption relating to daily legislative events or actions and does not include use in opinion pieces or commentary.
    • You must be a news organization in possession of a valid, permanent or temporary registration card issued by the Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Association.
    • Additionally and where possible, we request news organizations links back to the original video as a courtesy to our mission.


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