Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

On January 8, 2020, the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services held an executive session followed by a public hearing on bills relating to mental health clinical consultations under the Medical Assistance program, certifications for advance directives and findings of incapacity related to powers of attorney for health care, permitting pharmacists to prescribe certain contraceptives, allowing reimbursement of certain expenses for patients participating in cancer clinical trials, practicing as a physician assistant or nurse while performing official duties for the armed services or federal health services, reimbursement for complex rehabilitation technology, prescription drug monitoring program, reimbursement for peer recovery coach services under the Medical Assistance program and coordination and continuation of care following an overdose, registration of recovery residences and disciplinary action against a state employee who is receiving medication-assisted treatment, opioid antagonist administration in jails and medication-assisted treatment availability in prisons and jails, and physical health services and acupuncture under Medical Assistance program.