Newsmakers: Surviving the Recession – Transportation Funding

State transportation spending, including federal cash, peaked at $3.14 billion last year and will fall to $2.79 billion by mid-2011. That means there is not enough cash in the transportation system to pay for future needs — including the $2.3-billion reconstruction of Milwaukee’s Zoo Freeway, plans for rail-based regional systems and rebuilding highways. Panelists on the Surviving Recession – Transportation panel offered ways the crisis could be solved. They were Pat Goss of the Transportation Builders Association, Craig Thompson of Wisconsin Transportation Development Association, Steve Hiniker of 1,000 Friends of Wisconsin and John Antaramian, former legislator and Kenosha mayor who was named a member of the Regional Transit Authority trying to arrange a commuter rail system that links Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee.

Newsmakers: Surviving the Recession - Transportation Funding