Senate Floor Session

The Wisconsin State Senate met on Tuesday, March 24, for a floor session. The Senate confirmed numerous appointments and took up the following agenda items: Senate Joint Resolution 17, relating to proclaiming March of every year as Irish-American Heritage Month; Senate Joint Resolution 19, relating to declaring April 2009 Donate Life Month; Senate Joint Resolution 20, relating to proclaiming the Week of the Young Child; Assembly Joint Resolution 1, relating to proclaiming Niagara Escarpment year and month; Assembly Joint Resolution 5, relating to the life and public service of Jerome J. Kleczka; Assembly Joint Resolution 7, relating to the life and public service of Judge Ted E. Wedemeyer, Jr.; Assembly Joint Resolution 18, relating to the life and public service of Rebecca Young; Assembly Joint Resolution 21, relating to celebrating March 1, 2009, as St. David’s Day; Senate Bill 4, relating to the regulation of traveling sales crews, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and providing penalties;. Senate Bill 5, relating to restrictions on the use and sale of fertilizer containing phosphorus and other turf fertilizer and providing a penalty; Senate Bill 48, relating to catch and release bass and muskellu

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