Assembly Committee on Children and Families

The Assembly Committee on Children and Families held a public hearing on August 5, 2009 at the state Capitol. The committee heard testimony on the following: Assembly Bill 164, relating to notice of intent to remove a child from the home of a relative and review of decisions or orders involving the placement and care of a child placed in the home of a relative; Assembly Bill 214, relating to posttermination of parental rights contact between a child and a birth relative of the child and disclosure of the report of an investigation of the home of a proposed adoptive parent on the request of the proposed adoptive parent; Assembly Bill 296, relating to children and their families who are involved in two or more systems of care and making an appropriation; Assembly Bill 297, relating to child abuse and neglect prevention grants; Assembly Bill 298, relating to requiring notice to relatives when a child is taken into custody and disclosure of information to relatives for the purpose of facilitating a relationship or placement.

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