Senate Floor Session (Part 2 of 2)

Continued coverage of the Wisconsin State Senate Floor Session on October 27, 2009 at the State Capitol, during which the following items were addressed: Senate Joint Resolution 51 relating to proclaiming October 2009 as Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Senate Joint Resolution 52 relating to the life and public service of Ernest Paul Sobotta; Senate Bill 93 relating to partially exempting an assessor from liability for trespassing, creating immunity from civil liability; Senate Bill 132 relating to expanding the life of a tax incremental district in the city of Racine; Senate Bill 147 relating to administration of grant funds under the county-tribal cooperative law enforcement program; Senate Bill 148 relating to liability for actions of tribal law enforcement officers when enforcing state laws; Senate Bill 203 relating to claims for loss of society and companionship in medical malpractice cases; Senate Bill 215 relating to a personal property tax exemption for snowmobile clubs; Senate Bill 242 relating to creating separate regulatory requirements for certain future service contracts; Senate Bill 251 relating to costs of transporting by ferry an arrested person; Senate Bill 262 relating to an exemption from recording

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