Newsmakers: New Child Support, Custody Laws?

On April 10, 2019, WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steve Walters sat down with Representative Robert Brooks (R-Saukville) and Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) to discuss their work on the Study Committee on Child Placement and Support in the WisconsinEye Studios in Madison, WI. They discussed five bills that are ready for debate including Assembly Bill 94 which reduces the child support payments during incarceration; Assembly Bill 98 which requires reasons to be stipulated when parent is awarded less than 25 percent of custody; Assembly Bill 99 which requires parents to submit “proposed parenting plan” 10 days before required mediation; Assembly Bill 100 in which judges may consider CCAP records of domestic violence, crime against child, and injunctions; and Assembly Bill 103 which recovers birth costs from fathers in certain circumstances.

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