The Water Council: Water Leaders Summit 2019 – Part 1

On June 26, 2019, The Water Council Water Leaders Summit 2019 took place in Milwaukee, WI.

This segment features:

  • Summit Kickoff with host Dean Amhaus, President and CEO of The Water Council.
  • Theme Setter – Rethinking Water with Charles Fishman of Fast Company discussing hidden water, recovering and buying water and the importance of water.
  • One-On-One with Matt Howard on how actions and awareness are no longer the domain just of the water sector.
  • Rethinking Water Use: Risk, Stewardships and Value Creation with Will Sarni of the Water Foundry, Kate Brown of Procter & Gamble, Valeria Orozco of Nestle Waters North America, and Matt Howard of AWS North America as the moderator discussing companies who rely on water and the intersection of water-related risk, stewardship and value creation from today’s leading thinkers on industrial water use.
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