Joint Committee on Finance

On February 12, 2020, the Joint Committee on Finance held a Section 13.10 meeting on budget requests from the Juvenile Corrections Grant Committee and Department of Corrections, and the Department of Justice for the following cases: State of Wisconsin v. Dave’s Sewer Service, Inc. and David Neelis, Jr., United State of American, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and the State of Wisconsin v. Superior Refining Company LLC and Valero Regining-Meraux LLC, and UW Board of Regents v. Sonnleitner and Wells. The Committee then held an executive session on bills relating to adding 12 circuit court branches to be allocated by the director of state courts, funding the public defender pay progression, establishing a career advancement scholarship program, a statewide urban search and rescue task force, funding for service award payments, veteran-related tuition grants for certain veterans and dependents enrolled in private nonprofit institutions of higher education, the well compensation grant program, county conservation staffing, expanding the clean sweep program to include collection of certain fire fighting foams, grants and funding for water stewardship certification, creating a pilot grant program for farmers to reduce nitrate loading, biomanipulation projects to improve water quality of lakes and impoundment, creating an office of water policy, supporting the Center for Watershed Science and Education, funding a University of Wisconsin System freshwater collaborative, opioid and methamphetamine data system, grants to political subdivisions for additional policing and strategic planning to combat crime, and an online early learning pilot program.

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